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Berkley Gulp Minnow 4in

Product Info

Berkley Gulp Minnow Lures

The Berkley Gulp Minnow soft bait fishing lure is one of the most popular soft plastic style lures on the market, and for a good reason, it works! The Berkley Gulp Minnow is without a doubt one of the most effective and most revolutionary artificial soft baits ever invented given that the Berkley Gulp Minnow soft bait fishing lure is an absolute must for any estuary fisherman and if you love chasing fish on plastics then the Berkley Gulp 3 inch Minnow will make your day.

Berkley Gulp Minnow lures are incredibly effective when chasing species such as Bream, Flathead, Trevally and many other estuary species. Berkley Gulp Minnow fishing lures have also proven results on Australian Bass and other perch species and are even popular for Trout fishing.

With several lures per packet, the Berkley Gulp Minnow fishing lures are excellent value for money, and their results will have you pleasantly surprised!

Berkley Gulp Minnows, of course, includes the famous Berkley Gulp scent that has proven irresistible to fish and sets this fishing lure ahead of other soft plastic fishing lures in the marketplace.

Finished off with resealable packaging ensures your soft plastics are always fresh, soft and scented ready for use for more extended periods.

Size  | 4in

Colour  | Chartreuse