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Bomber Sw/Long A 16A 150mm

Product Info

The 15cm Bomber 24.5- gram lure has an internal weighting system that helps it cast like a bullet. When moving through the water, the lure has a tight, tuned wiggle that gives it outstanding fish-catching powers.

It has been made from ultra-high-modulus polycarbonate body, making it as tough as they come!

This lure is a must for anglers who target fish in shallow water, as it has a cast-and-retrieve depth of 2 to 3 feet, and will reach depths of 4 to 6 feet when trolled, depending on the line class being used at the time.

Try working the 15cm Bomber through ocean washes or in eddies that are formed by water passing rocky or coral outcrops. Both pelagic and estuarine-dwelling fish will push their mates out of the way to get at this lure.

A deadly weapon wherever you fish.

Size  | 150mm

Colour  | BM3