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Chinlockz 4/0

Product Info

Like the original TT ChinlockZ, the ChinlockZ SWS (Snagless Weight System) also has a 'chin lock' to secure the plastic in place, with the addition of a moulded weight on the belly of the hook that aids in casting distance, keeling the plastic, controlling the sink rate of the plastic, and creating a slow, natural, horizontal sink.

Weedless rigging with the ChinlockZ SWS allows you to effectively fish over and through structure, such as timber, weed and lilies, or sink the plastic deep into the snag, which would be virtually impossible with standard lure presentations. Whether you're buzzing a frog, rolling a paddle tail, or sinking a crustacean into structure, the ChinlockZ SWS is a great addition to your kit.

The TT ChinlockZ SWS jighead received an AFTA Best in Show Award for the 'Best Terminal Tackle', recognising its value in the anglers' arsenal.

Available in sizes - 1/12oz (2/0 & 3/0), 1/8oz (2/0, 3/0. 4/0 & 6/0), 1/6oz (4/0, 6/0 & 8/0) and 1/4oz (8/0).

Also available in ChinlockZ SWS Extreme - 1/2oz (10/0, 12/0), 3/4oz (10/0, 12/0) and 1oz (10/0, 12/0)

Size  | 1/6