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Daiwa Steez A TW HLC 7.1R Baitcast Reel

Product Info

Starting in early 2000, DAIWA wanted to win back the recognition of being the top worldwide bass brand, putting forth all efforts and once again providing performance proven bass fishing equipment. To do so, the STEEZ was created as the flagship bass fishing tackle brand. Believing the universal sense of STEEZ, which is slang for style in both English and Japanese, DAIWA went on and supported the STEEZ Project.

At the same time, well known Japan angler Toshinari Namiki, aka Mr STEEZ challenged and succeeded in fishing his second US tournament. Namiki is one of the pioneers of worldwide bass anglers in both US and Japan.

For all fishing situations, from fishing in tournaments, prefishing practices, to media events, which accumulates to about 300 days a year, he has had a high demand for lightweight, durable and of course, functional products. This allows for more comfort and less wear on the body which also translates to additional effectiveness for longer periods of time. In other words, this is a key point for successful performances, the true purpose for the existence of STEEZ.

With the launch of new baitcasting reels in 2006, DAIWA engineers started developing these reels back in 2003 with a visit to the US. Repeatedly numerous visits followed in the upcoming years prior to the release of STEEZ. During the year prior to the release the STEEZ, Mr Namiki won a 2005 FLW event on the Ouachita River and took 2nd place in Angler of the Year, while using STEEZ prototype reels which greatly assisted in his success.

In the spring of 2006, the first model of STEEZ was produced. This first model was rigid and lightweight with its AIR METAL (magnesium) frame. Weighing in at 155g (5.5oz). The average weight for a baitcasting reel at that time was 200g (7.1oz). Achieving 155g (5.5oz) was truly an extraordinary accomplishment during this time. This was and continues to be the current standard for STEEZ reels today.

From 2006-2016, other STEEZ models were created but the frame remained unchanged. During the decade, DAIWA felt the confidence that many anglers relied and depend on STEEZ baitcasting reels. It is with this confidence that DAIWA will continue to produce serious fishing gear and listen to our angler's voice.

In 2016, over a decade since the first STEEZ model was launched, we now finally have the second generation of STEEZ born.

STEEZ Bait Casting reels have dramatically evolved with the introduction of SV Spool. The SV Concept spool was designed to prevent backlashing and promote easy casting whether it is a lightweight lure or heavier big bait lure. The SV Spool is composed of G1- Duralumin material with a diameter of 34mm for a much faster rotation and greater strength. The STEEZ has turned the corner with the addition of TWS. The wide levelwind of TWS creates minimal friction for longer casting and extreme free falling ability. Now both of DAIWA's latest innovative technologies are combined.

The Fusion of TWS and SV Spool creates unknown unexpected excitement

TWS + SV = Incomprehensible Results

DAIWA baitcast reel engineers said that the main key point is trouble-free. SV concept with its lightweight spool and high precision design improves spool rotation. SV spool braking power automatically adjusts depending on lure weight. On the other hand, TWS advantage is the friction free levelwind that allows for the smooth release of line. Backlashes occur when the line does not release through a normal line guide fast enough while the spool is rotating. These backlashing problems were drastically reduced by the braking system of SV and friction free levelwind of the TWS creating the ideal combination.

The ideal setting of the spool braking system is not too tight and not too loose. Once this setting is achieved, additional modifications will not be needed as the STEEZ has a Zero adjuster feature.

The body material is made of rigid magnesium for lightweight and durability. The size of the body is compact, easy to hold, yet able to install a larger size main gear which allows for the smoothest rotation and durable. Overall performance is improved along with an attractive bright matte frost finish creates the attention-grabbing image for this reel.

The weight is 160g (5.7oz) which is almost the same as the first generation even though heavier parts like TWS and larger main gear are installed. DAIWA engineers tried to accomplish 130g (4.6oz) but maintaining durability and quality was also important factors to consider.


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • High precision machine cut air metal body and side plate
  • New super low profile body
  • TWS
  • SV concept
  • G1 dura-aluminium spool
  • G1 dura-aluminium gear
  • Zero Adjuster
  • Swept handle design
  • Magforce Z automatic magnetic spool brake
  • UTD - Ultimate Tournament Drag
  • Micro click star drag and spool adjustment
  • High Grip I-Shape Lightweight Knob