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Fins 40g Braid

Product Info

FINS are proud to announce the release of their latest braided Superline the 40G.  The unique composite structure of the 40G gives it a smooth mono like feel while still being a durable braid with the smallest diameter to strength ratio ever offered.

Colour: Chartreuse   Lengths:  150 / 300yd spools. 



Why does 40G come in unusual package tensiles? We wanted to highlight how different 40G is compared to existing braids. As an example, most braids that are equivalent to a 6lb mono are labelled 20lb, 40G is 45lb. Also our “full disclosure” front label gives you the average break without a knot, as well as diameters in English and metric units.

What makes this line feel so smooth? FINS 40G is made with a unique process; we start with a core of SPECTRA fiber and then over-braid this tightly with 8 ends of smaller yarns.

Why does this line cost more? Smaller yarns generally cost more and the 40G’s unique     processing is also slower than typical braiding which is why it has such an excellent feel.

Does this line hold up well? Our pro-staff anglers report at least twice the wear as standard braids. When 40G is close to wearing out you have an advance warning as the over-braid will show damage before the core.

Will this line hold it’s colour? The colour will last as long as the product, due to the colour being applied to the core fibers. 40G gets darker when wet and lighter when dry.

What knot do you recommend? We recommend the Palomar for terminal attachments, and a double uni-knot when attaching to a leader, but giving an extra wrap is always a good idea with super slick FINS 40G.

Size  | 25lb 150yd

Colour  | Chartreuse