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Fluidcast Reef Camo

Product Info

The Dog Tooth Fluidcast X8 Reef Camo Braid is an 8-carrier braid that changes colour from dark blue to light every 10-20cm so fish can't fix on a solid color. Designed for use in saltwater reef and blue water environments, this braid is a terrific low-vis option. Being 8 carrier braid it's also incredibly smooth, round and thin, so it casts extremely well and runs freely through the guides even under tension. Dog Tooth Fluidcast X8 Reef Camo Braid also incorporates 'HS' technology. The 'HS' means 'high stitches', which comes from a new manufacturing technique that applies both heat & tension resulting in a smoother braid with a much more consistent breaking strain and better knot strength. Dog Tooth Fluidcast XT 8 Braid is also impregnated with Teflon to minimise wear and friction - which means better casts - plus stops water soaking to keep the line at its maximum performance level for longer. If you're chasing fish along the reef, off the rocks or even out of the boat in blue water and you're looking for a high-performance braid, the Dog Tooth Fluidcast X8 Reef Camo Braid is a fantastic option for you.

Size  | 100lb400yds