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Halco Lockweld Wire

Product Info

The Halco Lockweld Wire Kit is a trace system that doesn’t require tying or crimping. If you want to make up some rigs for fish with super-sharp teeth, then this is the product for you.
Simply cut the trace to your desired length (leaving 15cm excess), and connect the trace to your line leader with your knot of choice. Lastly, use a heated flame over the area until the nylon coating welds the wire together. Trim the excess, and your hand-made rig is ready to go.

The 7-strand stainless steel wire features a black nylon coating that seals out the water to improve the lifespan of the line, and provides additional abrasion-resistance for the extra-sharp teeth this wire leader will encounter in the ocean.

It is soft and flexible, which makes for easy handling for the angler, but more importantly it is super-strong so it can handle any trolling speed in the water. There’s nothing worse than losing one of your all-time lures to a shark, mackerel or barracuda. Lures are getting more and more expensive to replace, so make sure you have some wire trace handy when trolling with lures offshore.

Size  | 100lb