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Instinct Pro Hook Baitholder Value

Product Info

The Instinct Pro Series Octopus Circle Value Pack Hooks are a great hook for a wide variety of fishing styles with both live and dead bait.  These hooks have a tendency to hook up in the corner of the fishes mouth helping to prevent gut hookups making them more fish-friendly when releasing fish.

Chemically sharpened for ultimate penetration the Instinct Pro Series Octopus Circle hooks also feature a turned eyelet, an offset shank and a traditional rounded circle profile with a turned-in point.

Due to the way Circle hooks roll into a fishes mouth as they move away with the bait they are a great choice when fishing with multiple rods in holders as the fish will usually hook themselves.

Take advantage of the Instinct Pro Series Octopus Circle Hooks Value Pack Hooks in this larger more convenient sized pack giving even better value for money.


  • Chemically Sharpened
  • Offset Shank
  • Turned Out Eyelet
  • Turned In Point
  • Circle Hook Profile

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