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Jabbers Rage Receiver RRC-645XXH

Product Info

6'6", 25-50lb, PE 4, 5 Piece
Extra Fast, Extra Heavy, Designed for dream chasers, the Rage Receiver, as its name suggest, is a stick built for abuse. When chasing dream fish in the most remote locations on this planet, anglers often have to cross difficult terrains in the most uncomfortable conditions.

This super strong rod has tangled with and defeated the toughest fish on the planet including huge black bass, dog tooth tuna, peacock bass, barramundi, fingermark, large mouth nany's and red emperor to name a few.

Heavy rod cases and single piece rods can further add to the problem. After repeated testing and development, the Jabbers team finally perfected the 5-piece monster travel rod in the form of the Rage Receiver. The Rage Receiver is Ideal for working big swimbaits and super deep crankbaits for locking horns with powerful river and ocean monsters.

Only recommended for advanced anglers with experience of handling high drag. Full Fuji components/Alconite guides carefully mounted on a high modulus Toray carbon blank. Both models equipped with extendable butt for added comfort when throwing large lures or a better fit in your rod holder when trolling. Available with semi-hard rod case with quality YKK zippers