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Ledlenser P7R Signature Torch

Product Info

The P7R Signature is the high-end version of this iconic torch. This is one of our most premium, high-quality lights with up to 2000 lumens brightness. Robustness and durability is unparalleled with IP68 protection and hard-anodized finish. With the forward-thinking Smart Light Technology, the light functions of the P7R Signature can be ideally tailored to the preferences of the user. The Mode Switch offers four separate switch positions for this purpose. Further convincing arguments for the P7R Signature are the patented Advanced Focus System, the additional red-light function, the practical Magnetic Charge System and the natural colour reproduction.

  • Luminocity
    2000 lm
    15 lm
  • Range
    330 m
    20 m
  • Battery
    2 h
    90 h