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Mustad Demon Circle Light

Product Info

The Mustad Demon hook is a true circle hook, a modern version of the classic Mustad circle used in commercial fishing.
The Demon range consists of large hooks for the game fisherman to medium and small hooks for those who fish with natural baits. The curved in point design of the hook ensures fish is caught in the corner of the mouth, Perfect for catch and release.

  • Brand New - pre-packed in original packet
  • High Carbon Steel, specially tempered
  • Superior strength that retains sharpness
  • Super sharp hook (ultrapoint)
  • Pierces a fishes mouth effortlessly
  • For fishing with natural and live baits in salt and fresh water
  • Ideal for flathead, whiting, bream, bass, cod etc
  • Larger sizes suited for snapper, barra etc

Suitable for the professional or recreational fisherman!

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