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Reidys Big Ass B52 200

Product Info

The BigAss 200 has the same characteristics as the original B52 but can be trolled at speeds up to 8 knots. The lure can reach depths of around 3 metres and can also be used as a cast and retrieve lure.

The B52 is the iconic lure of the Reidy’s Range.

The B52 range is used all over Australia but its main use is in Northern Australia catching big Barra. The B52 lure range has a distinctive rolling action and slower tail beat than other Reidy’s products which enables the lure to dart and flash like a fleeing bait fish.

The rolling action and shallow diving depths enable the lure to flash its colours with sunlight penetration and attract predators. Lures in the B52 range can also be used as trolling lures and again by twitching the rod tip the lure will dart and pause like bait fish. All B52 Lures are fitted with heavy duty VMC (3xstrong) #1 treble hooks and heavy duty split rings and have internal rattles. The body and bibs are made of ABS plastic.