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Reidys Daly Devil 125mm

Product Info

The “Devil” is 125mm excluding bib in length and weighs 32g which makes this lure great for trolling or casting. The lure is excellent for slow trolling in snaggy estuaries or with fine tuning speeds can be increased for trolling snag free waters. The advantage of this lure when casting is that the large bib will have the lure diving down deep as soon as the lure is retrieved so casting at deep snags or drop offs can be fruitful.


The Daly Devil has a fast tail beat, slight body roll and internal rattles. The Daly Devil is fitted with heavy duty VMC (3xstrong) #1 treble hooks as well as heavy duty split rings. The body and bib are made from ABS plastic.

Size  | 125mm

Colour  | 008