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Shimano Squidgies Fish 100mm

Product Info

Another one of Shimano Squidgies original trio of "classic" tail designs that helped put Squidgies firmly on the map, our Squidgy Fish is the "go-to" lure of discerning soft plastic fishers throughout the nation! Combining the best of the Squidgies shad, T-tail and swim-bait features, but with a unique Squidgy twist that sees it pounding out a tail beat, rolling its body seductively and rippling those trademark belly flaps, the Shimano Squidgies Fish is a genuine world-beater! Whether you work your Squidgies Fish with a slow roll, double hop, slow lifts or small whips of the rod tip, the Squidgy fish can do it all and is sure to entice any predators nearby. In new territory, under tough conditions or when you’re struggling to turn a scale, tie on a Squidgy Fish... and hang on!

  • Paddle Tail
  • Bio-Salt scented
  • Not rigged
  • Ultra Violet Enhanced

Size  | 100mm

Colour  | BLACK GOLD