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Shimano Squidgies Slick Rig Light 110mm

Product Info

Slightly lighter than it's cousin the Squidgies Slick Rig Soft Plastics, the Squidgies Slick Rig Light is an easy-to-use and ready-to-fish paddle tail soft plastic that's suitable for chasing a range of different species both inshore and offshore; flathead, jewfish, barramundi, just to name a few.

The Slick Rig Lights come pre-rigged with both a hook and internal weight, so there's need to rig yourself, tweak or apply any guesswork, just tie it on and fish it!

The Squidgies Slick Rig Light Soft Plastics are UV enhanced and are also impregnated with a scented bio-salt for added attraction and appeal.

Pre-rigged and ready to fish
Paddle tail that can be worked nice and slow or at speed
UV enhanced

Size  | 110mm

Colour  | Ginger Meggs