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SureCatch Wind-On Leader 1pk

Product Info

Have you had your top guide insert punched out by the knot joining your braided line to the leader? SureCatch Wind on Leader is your solution ensuring the line runs smoothly through your runners, no more clunky knots!

Simply tie a double in your main line, then loop through the Dacron in the leader, and you are done! The wind on leaders are suitable for all species whether you are trolling hard bodied lures or casting soft plastics.

The Dacron sleeving method is neater and better for winding onto a reel than any knot system.

The Dacron is spliced back into itself to form a connecting loop, which is joined loop to loop with double main line or with a Cats Paw knot. The end of the Dacron splice is then secured by wrapping it with waxed thread and encasing the splice in Pliobond.

  • Reliable and Robust
  • Easy to Change
  • Ideal for Lure Casting
  • 1 packet of Wind on Leader
  • Length: 1.5m each

Size  | 30lb